Using Madcap will help reduce your 'Carbon Footprint':

  • Using our transport scheduling system your tankers will be much more efficient and will not only save you money on fuel costs but will save the environment also.
  • Madcap is designed to be a paperless system. All our reports and enquiry screens can be viewed without the need to print. Any type of Farm correspondence can be electronic, whether it be via a .pdf attached in an email or a text message sent directly to the suppliers phone as soon as the results are entered into Madcap. Madcap is continually updated with the latest technologies and sustainablity is firmly in our minds when developing new features.
  • Still pay your suppliers using checks, Madcap can create a file that can be sent to the bank to allow for automatic direct debits. This reduces any user error.
  • Want to reward farms that are reducing their 'Carbon Footprint'? This can be easily done with the flexiblity of our Payments system. Creating a new payment group and adding farmers to this group is a very basic feature in Madcap that can be used to give your suppliers incentives for doing their part for the environment.