Asset Management

Asset management allows for asset categories, types and structures to be defined. Any type of asset with any structure can be included. The asset management module then allows maintenance to be planned and all movements and changes in structure or content to be recorded and reported over time. Functionality includes:

  • Asset category definition
  • Asset type definition
  • Asset characteristic definition
  • Asset movement history
  • Asset maintenance history
  • Asset audit logs
  • Extensive reporting
  • Mobile access (includes iPhone, iPad, Android and PDA)
  • RFID enabled


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Job Management

Job management allows for jobs/incidents to be created for clients/producers and for the history of those jobs to be tracked through a defined workflow. Jobs can be created for any type of service and the system will select the most appropriate person or organisation to perform each job. Jobs created for any purpose, and may include purposes such as quality inspections, producer audits, farm equipment maintenance, transport issues etc. Functionality includes:

  • Service definition
  • Service organisation definition
  • Job creation and management
  • Knowledge base management
  • Job monitoring
  • Timesheet management
  • Extensive reporting
  • Mobile access (includes iPhone, iPad, Android and PDA)
  • RFID enabled