Mobile Application

The Madcap mobile application allows access to the database for Madcap users, haulers and Producers; all the information they need is available on any mobile phones or tablet.

Haulers/Drivers have the ability to upload tanker manifest information in real time, or delay and upload automatically when a 3Gor Wi-Fi connection becomes available. They have access to route information, and maps from any 3G or Wi-Fi device.

Producers have access to milk procurement, lab test results and payment data anywhere a 3G or Wi-Fi connection is available.

Features include:

  • Quality information
  • Production information
  • Payment data
  • GPS and mapping data
  • Access to scheduling and route specific information (Hauler login)
  • Manual and dynamic route scheduling (Hauler login)
  • Real time upload of load information (Hauler login)
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 8